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Get 1GB Free Data Now

Under this campaign anyone can refer any GP unregistered mobile number here and help them re- register their number in next 3 days, and win 200MB internet for each number (maximum 5 persons).

Offer Conditions:

  • For each successful re-registration within next 3 days of referral input referee will get 200 MB data ( maximum for 5 referrals, total 1GB in one input)
  • Validity of the Internet data is 3 days
    • Each valid re-registering mobile number will be considered only once; in case several input comes for the same re-registering mobile numbers first input will be considered
    • Within 15 days of re-registration, referee will get the Free internet as applicable
    • If the user is using any data package then first, the Free data under this offer will be used up

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